Artists Profile


From Romania   now based in London. Sorin is inspired by art and could draw great designs off his own; encouraged by the response of friend and family he decided to become a tattoo artist, he quickly developed to become a fantastic artist and someone we all call a friend. He finds inspiration everywhere. ​

Sorin specializes in Cover ups, Japanese, old school, and black and gray. Enjoys doing his work, we’re blessed by his presence and we all consider him a friend and fantastic member of our family here at the Studio.  


Sami Imprachim aka Samistathis, Samitattoo, Just 5mins, The Quiet One 

"I enjoy looking at all tattoos, as long as  they are done well, no matter the style..."

This talented artist from Lebanon Samistathis is one of the most passionate artist around, never frown's away from a challenge. "Yes me" All the team here loves his attitude of "I can"

Samistathis enjoys working all different styles, however his ideal focus is realism. In his word "I just do my best everyday and my style continues to change and evolve because I challenge myself." That's why all the team loves him.

Inspired by other realistic tattoo artist Samistathis drive to perfection in his work and to make his clients happy are all great qualities to have in any team and again we're lucky to have him here with us. 

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